drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Glory Of The Alaska Economic Miracle!!!

Hey kids, did you listen to the new veeps victorious victory Victoriazing? Yes, I too am just shocked that Obama while speaking about our wars, never talks about the victory, or victories, or victorious!!! But the New Veep was Victorious in a Victory Of The Victorious Victory Oriented Glorious Glory of the Alaskan Economic Miracle!!!

Why when the price of Oil Rose, of course the Fine state of Alaska, as a Socialist Welfare State, returned the excess to the tax payers, as is the Proper Solution in a Communist Front Organization where the Victories of the Party are Gloriously Victorious!!! She of course noted in the Glorious Military Victories over the various corporations, that she had been able to victoriously lead the glorious victories over the old way of doing things in the failed Pre-Gloriously Socialist Red HordeIsms of the Alaskan Economic Miracle!!!

Ok, so yes, if one wants to get technical, yes, the Federal Government sends more Tax Dollars to Alaska, than the alaskans send to the federal government, but fortunately the New Veep is turning around the Corruptions of a Hundred Years of Klintonesta Solitude that has built a Bridge to Nowhere!!!

Now in the new and improved new world order that bridge to nowhere will be for all americans, and all americans will know that the federal government will send more tax dollars to their home state, than the state sends tax dollars to the federal government, because with Faith Based Economics, there are none of the limitations that ModernSeXularHumanists Impose upon True Believers!!! Simple because the GODLESS are not willing to admit that Number Theory is JUST A THEORY!!!

Ah yes, and then with all of the extra spare tax dollars everyone will be able to own their own persona Nuckular reactor and there will be clean coal fires in the NuckUlar Reactors and people will have all of the solar and wind power that they will ever want...

It is so good to know that the GOP is standing behind their RadFemiSurfNaziEnvironmentalExtremistRedSocialistCommunist Veep....

Back in the old days we called all of that Loopie Loonie Talk...
Tags: economics, election, war

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