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God Don't You HATE It when a simple abuse of power just goes piddling away???

I mean what is the point of becoming the God Queen of the North, when you can't even Suppress Folks the old fashion way, as if you were sipping mint juilips on the veranda of one's Plantation Mansion:
Don't look now, but on the night of the biggest speech of her life, Sarah Palin's story on Trooper-Gate may be in the process of falling apart.

The Washington Post has obtained emails sent by Palin to then-Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, which show Palin complaining about the fact that trooper Jim Wooten -- who was embroiled in a family dispute with the Palins -- was still employed. The emails don't explicitly show Palin pressuring Monegan to fire Wooten -- but they do appear to undercut Palin's claim said that she only ever discussed Wooten with Monegan in the context of security concerns for her family.

[ cf New Emails Suggest Holes in Palin's Trooper-Gate Story ]
Now, is it me?

Or is she just not working out as being the Next Unindicted Co-Conspirator Number Two????

I mean if you can't even repress the police in one's own police state, can we really leave her in charge of protecting us from the little old ladies who might dissent against the government policies?

America seriously needs to ask if this is whom they want to be the New Dick In Town...
Tags: war, war_crimes

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