drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But will Bush Still Veto it anyway, being a man of his word!

Or are we gonna a hope that they are correct, that majikally it all just go away.
A senior Frist aide told FOX News that the Senate majority leader and his staff informed DP World and UAE government officials Wednesday night to pull the plug on the deal. When asked what prompted this action from Frist, the aide said the House action Wednesday night created a "destabilized coalition among House and Senate GOP."

Just one night before, GOP-led House Appropriations Committee passed a bill blocking the deal. Bush has vowed to veto any measure halting the deal.

By attaching it to a larger must-pass $91 billion spending bill funding wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as hurricane recovery, lawmakers are challenging Bush: If he follows through on his veto threat, he would also be vetoing the entire package.

Earlier Thursday, the White House said Bush was open to compromise but expressed concern that the House GOP tactic could "slow down passage of vital funds and resources" and said Bush's veto threat still stood.

"It does provide a way forward and resolve the matter," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said later, after the DP World announcement. "We have a strong relationship with the UAE and a good partnership in the global war on terrorism and I think their decision reflects the importance of our broader relationship."

[ cf FoxNews ]
Now that is some SERIOUS Mojo there that old Bill Frist just stepped up to the plate and took the bullet for the president by geting the DB World and UAE Government to save the President's Bacon cause them wild and crazy republicans were gonna get all Frat Boy on the FratBoyInChief...

All of which still leaves open the question of which is the actual position that will be taken by Maximal Leader - especially if the language remains in the measure as a reminder that there is someone who wants to get control of american ports more than the British...


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