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If the surge really worked, then why is McCain talking about the need for a draft? And the fact that we will be there for the next hundred years?

More importantly why is the current administration afraid to leave, or set a time table for discussing the possibilities of leaving????

Or is the SurgeTasticallism one more Unwed Pregnant Teenage Daughter that everyone supports as a clear and compelling proof of the value of Abstinence Only lifestyles...

In case you haven't heard about it, the vets for freedom has put out a new TV advert to wonder why it is that Obama does not believe the surge worked.... Could the problem be that the so called vets for Freedom are not sure why it is they are even asking the question to so limited an audience?

I don't mean to be callous about this, but, uh, Who's Daughter's Trustfund got ripped off to pay for this so called vets for freedom advert???
Tags: war

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