drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dude, where is my Great War Hero???

I mean, like, uh, who was the person who vetted the Sarah "O'Conner" Palin, for Veep, as the great killer of the evil monsters of stuff...
The Washington Post Dan Balz (along with a lesser known ABC article, published last Friday), just blew the lid open on an assumption many of us have been feeling for days now.

John McCain did not vet Sarah Palin at all!

She was not subjected to a background check request or personal interview till Wednesday (the day before he chose her) in Sedona (aka Barbequeville).

The McCain campaign still refuses to say when Palin handed in her exhaustive questionnaire, nor will they (at this stage) answer anymore "vetting" questions.


[ cf WashPo: McCain Lied. Palin 1st Interviewed Day Before, Never Vetted ]
Helpful advice to those playing along at home.

Politics, and national government is not a That Seventies Show Stoner Game.

PUT DOWN THE BONG and walk away from your busted ass national agenda...

Buttons are NOT TOYS!!!
Tags: election, war

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