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Should we work on helping them find forgiveness???

As we all know, Past is Prologue. In the current comedic rerun of 'that 68 chicago show' as it gets refiltered through a Hunter S. Thompsonesque Nixon's The One! 72 RNC, played out as an off-off broadway street performance in the only state that Fell to The Crushing JackBoot of Mondale-FirarroIsm, a precursor of the current Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Communist-Papist-Mormanist-TheyThemThoseTypes, we do have a wonderful panorama of paranoia in americana.

Ah yes, The Land of Mary Tyle Moore, as the medium of redemption, freeing us from the dark night of The Sixties.

In this unpleasant case, there is the grand comedy of the 1988 RNC Konklave - in which Party Leaders Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay, and his side kick, the soon to be Veep, Dandy Dan Quayle, deal the crushing blow to the evil liberal media by making it clear that they would have served in vietnam, but the government was giving all of the good billets to the Minorities. A point that some of us noted might not be the clarion call to action that it was being pimped out to be.... Oh how wrong we were.

Here we are twenty years on from that, and the Great Heroes, who are at this very moment, suffering the pangs of guilt and remorse, at least as equally as badly as Dandy Dan, and Terrorizing Tom, are also distraught that the evil One World Blue Helmetted government has been giving all of the gooder billets to the wog, gays, and Women!!!


Should we visit the amusement as those nice kids from Hoosier Land woke up, on the 20th anniversary of the Chicago Police Riot, and had to deal with the actual flow of the actual american history, free standing from the Mythic Legends about how the Valiant Fighting Forces had turned back the Dirty Stinking Hippies, and, I am sure, no major novel embellishment, The Vietnamese Flying Saucers, that had come to destroy our white christian america. Hey, it makes good copy, so I am not going to argue with why one group of 4-F draft dodgers felt a compelling need to stomp the crap out of a bunch of dirty stinking hippies, including vets fresh back from vietnam. Nope, not me. I can empathise with the dire need to stop the crap out of dirty stinking hippies because the government is giving all the good billets to minorities.

Those things happen.

Again, and Again, And AGAIN!!!

So what will it really take to stop this cycle of guilt, and guilt mongering????

To help those who really wanted to be great war heroes but the government was giving all of the good war billets to welfare queens....

What will it take to help these Coulda Been Ah Contender Sylvestor Staloneanista I am The Law! manifestation of the america that could have been...

Clearly what we need is a Tax Deductible Charity that will provide meaningful therapy and more heroic than thou pariotism, so that they can all be winners in their very own Special Olympics Of War!!!

YES, boys and nonPersons, you tax deductible contributions to "bring our home bound home war heroes home" could mean the difference between helping transition home guard elements into a useful and productive lives as actual citizens of the republic.

More importantly, it may break the cycle of angst, fear, and the need to play act as if we were more at war...
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