drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Would an Air Bombardment of Iran...

... really be an act of war?"Attack on Iran expected" according to Dutch newspaper.

Remember Boys and NonPersons - the McCain crowd wants to put a woman a heart beat away from being the CIC.

SO YES, maybe now would be a gooder time to know which set of thingus' of pooh folks are really holding as the actual and active parts of their ideological allignment.

Is it really enough to be defending the guys who are sucking up to the vets?

Is it really enough to be trendy and chic enough to hope that the girls will have big enough skirts to hid behind in a time of moreReallyActualerWar...

Or are we all suppose to keep on whistling in the dark that all is VerbPhraseNoun...
Tags: election, religion, war

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