drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The VPILF factor...

Ok, if you do not know about the *ILF buzz, ask any of your DirtyStinkingHippieStabOurTroopsInTheBackWallStreetRadicalLeftWingRichElitestGodHatingAmericaBashers.

But it does raise the growing set of ugly questions:
Did McCain really back down to the religious right because Lieberman was not radically anti-abortion enough?

Did McCain hope that everyone has forgotten the bibilically literal debates about 'women should be silent in the church' - and that the NATION STATE is our Church. And hopes that no one will notice, and that her anti-abortion stand is strong enough to help make that the single lithmus test issue...

Has McCain ever really worked out if one can have "Country First" and still be an actual Christian who is obliged to have no other gods, and to have no graven images, idols, or forms of Idolatry, that would put anything before GOD? and that having a cute chick on the platform works for Magicians, so hopefully it will make his act more believable?

Is the HORROR of having a woman as president an insurance policy for McCain in these days when the True Believers are having to unwind all of their long positions in the Divinity of Dubya, and he hopes that they will be so scared at the thot of Leaving a Woman in charge - that she is going to be enough of a Dick to be his dick cheney in the closet???
Who knows....

Maybe there are some really important questions that might be worth asking of the RINO RAVE Dancers....

Especially while our troops are defeating the forces of darkness and evillll....

Does he really think that she could be the War leader???
Tags: election, war

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