drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Inevitable Collapse Of The Free World...

First off nj had a hissy fit and fainting contest, when he found I had a facebook account.

The inevitable Death of the Internet....

Then Blondie learned that there is a facebook chat thingie... I mean crankingEvilLiberalSpawnOfPacketAbuse, EVERYONE has a chat thingie... and they are all a part of the Global Terrorist Kabal of People who are UnKind to network packets...

So it hits me that blondie is in mpls, and maybe can help a friend who is planning to move back to that part of the world, and so I get into the information interchange overload of many devices, trying to get a ground line number from person A to person B to deal with person C.

ALL while dealing with the Abomination that an imMutableObject, while a great idea, can in some instances not solve the fact that the over arching legacy codeline came from the Burning Sulphours Pits of The Dark Underling of Code Monkies who make really annoying squeeky noises.

If you know what I mean.

I say Hang it all and make the best of what you can...
Tags: geek_stuff

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