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American Kapitulationists Stab Troops In Back!!!

Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), the presumptive Democratic nominee for vice president, last year listed both Iran and Russia as threats to U.S. interests. Unfortunately, he did not offer a way to prioritize the challenges posed by Tehran and Moscow. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), for his part, has shifted his public statements in recent months, giving greater attention to Russia as a challenge for Washington and the West, and de-emphasizing (at least in his speeches) the threat posed by Iran.

Leaving aside whether their assessments are correct, let’s address a different question. How does one’s stance on Iran (or Russia) affect other foreign- and domestic-policy promises? Both Senators McCain and Obama have made a series of statements about what they would do as president. Among both their laundry lists: bring down the cost of energy—both to help American consumers but also to deprive “rogues” of petrodollars; help Europe diversify its energy supply so as to reduce dependence on Russia; bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO; make progress in stabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan—both to permit the withdrawal of U.S. forces and to prevent chaos; and deter Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

[ cf Make a Deal with Iran ]

Abandon our war winning strategy that is at this very moment winning against Iran????

And besides, what can Iran do about shifting the global demand for Crude Oil? Even if we wanted to abandon total war to total victory over iran????

Clearly by bringing in the Ukrainians and Georgians into the fight, will that not expand the Eastern Front to even more Eastern Nations where we can send folks to earn their Cross of Iron - just like Jesus would...
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