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The fact that the radical left wing extremist raving shrill hysterical liberal media does not reference Christianity, or the divinity of Dubya, makes it clear that they are COVERING UP this clear and compelling persecution of christians by radical left wing extremists!!!
November 2007: SACS receives complaints from several board members and launches investigation into Clayton’s accreditation.
• Feb. 18-21: Georgia NAACP, Georgia Association of Realtors, Clayton Student Coalition and the county’s largest teachers’ union ask for board resignations.
Aug. 20: A state administrative judge hears from five Clayton residents who want four board members removed. The judge will decide if the members violated the law and make a recommendation to the governor, who can remove the board members.

[ cf Timeline: Clayton schools’ accreditation battle ]
Why can't the evil liberal media admit that they are all biased in favor of destroying our white christian america so that Barrak Bin Laden Obama can drink the fresh blood of White Christian Babies as a part of his mandatory satanism!!!

{ wow, the first underAccreditation of a school in forty years - wonder what it was all about back in 1968. As if the EVIL GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING MSM didn't think we could figure out their dope smoking hippie dippie, it is ok to vote for a draft dodger who hid out in the HanoiHilton while the Holy Warriors were fighting against the demon seeds of liberalism... }
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