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More Americans who HATE Freedom

You must get a business lawyer to implement all these points!! One who knows business contract law!!! No exceptions. Do not get your lawyer friend to do you a favor who does injury law to help you. Do not get your friend who just graduated law school. They still know jack. And don't think just because you and your business partner(s) came out of the same womb and are sworn blood brothers that you don't need any of this. You do! It will be a most uncomfortable conversation but if you don't do this then you will be shoving things up your ass in a hard way for being sand stupid if things go south.
[ cf So, you're gonna code the whole thing, do the servers and work for sweat equity. Well then, you better read this if you don't want to get screwed. ]
and a quick chorus of
But McCain served five years in the Hanoi Hilton
which of course will solve all of the problems for those Filthy Folks who are not able to find decent work picking lettuce at $50 an hour.

That's what is wrong with all of those Obama Dungeons And Dragons In Mom's Basement Types...

They are just not willing to get up off their duffs and buy a regulatory agency, stab it in the back, neck, shoulders, belly, abdomine, groin, legs, calfs, thighs, buttocks, and various other places, repeatedly, and then whine that they need to be bailed out by the government when their overly leveraged gambit went up like a puff of smoke and they were caught holding the bag when the music stopped and there were no more chairs left but the obligatory welfare from the treasury and the Federal Reserve.

I mean, Kids these days. Where IS their sense of personal integrity, and willingness to show some initiative.
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