drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

British Terrorists Continue To Threaten Free World!!!

God they are wankers who so clearly HATE Freedom:
In the Queen's speech this autumn Gordon Brown's government will announce a scheme to institute a database of every telephone call, email, and act of online usage by every resident of the UK. It will propose that this information will be gathered, stored, and "made accessible" to the security and law enforcement agencies, local councils, and "other public bodies".
This Orwellian nightmare, additionally, is proposed for a world in which leading soi-disant liberal democracies run, and/or permit rendition flights to, Guantanamo Bay. How many steps separate an innocent British citizen from some misinterpretation or interference or error in the collected and 'made accessible' data of text messages and emails, and a forthcoming home-grown version of Guantanamo Bay for people whose pattern of phone calls does not fit the police definition of acceptable?

[ cf Proposals to monitor all our communications are an intolerable assault on liberty in the name of security ]

Hello!!! Godless Heathen Unamericanists!!!!!

There is really nothing to worry about!!! If the americans need to protect you, it is because you need to be protected, not because some Queen has a government that does not like you and wants you rendered into the loving care of Americans who have been Blessed by the Divinity Of Dubya as the law of inteligent design dictates.

Clearly Failing to support the Holy War Against Evil Doers everywhere means that one is in league with the forces of Darkness and Evil!!! and that one is a threat to the free world!!! OUR FREE WORLD!!!! Our Free World which is made up of White Christian America and it's co-prosperity Sphere, where all things are Right, White, and Christian!!!

Thank GOD!!! We have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!!!!

They do not threaten our white christian america with godless unamericanism!!!!

It's what our troops are fighting for...
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