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More Glorious Victorious Struggles Against Darkness and Stuff...

Well The Economic News Is Economical!!! But the Defeatists are still seeing underHappy:
The number of troubled banks on the government's watch list grew dramatically last quarter.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reported Tuesday that the number of firms on its so-called problem bank list grew to 117 during the second quarter - its highest level since the middle of 2003. There were 90 banks on the problem list in the first quarter.

FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair expressed little surprise at the increase and warned that the number would grow.

"More banks will come on the list as credit problems worsen and assets of problem institutions will continue to rise," said Bair in a press conference.

[ cf Problem bank list keeps growing ]
Hum, makes a guy wonder how many
But McCain served Five Years in the HanoiHilton
before this problem has been scared away.

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!
And Fashionably Fashionable...

And do not have to worry about minor domestic concerns as long as there is the Unitary Executive And A WarThingie!!!

It is what the troops are fighting for...

{ hey kids, what happens when the FDIC rolls over and goes under??? and folks bank deposits are no longer
secured like they were when the Saving And Loan Disaster occurred...

Or would this be a good time to remember why Radical Red Communists like Kapra made "it is a wonderful life" as the returning from WWII movie, where he had to talk Jimmy Stewart back into being an actor, even if he had spent the last couple of years bombing places, while Capra had been making 'why we fight' documentaries, that failed to correctly pre-remember that the Pledge of Allegiance would have had always been 'under god' - which the correct history, if it had been factual... But basically, this must all be a sign that people who fail to have 'under god' in their pledges will suffer the wrath of GOD for their heathen apostasy, as God Demands the blood of their Unborn Children to pay for the banking fiasco brought on by a lack of Proper Godly Banking Regulation, rather than the sort of Godless Banking Deregulation that the evil liberals imposed on our white christian America... }
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