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Heathenist Heathenisms!!!

More Proof that the EVIL MSM is Satanic Spawn of Satan:
Imagine if a prominent Mitt Romney supporter who was a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania as well as former Republican Party chair in Montgomery County in that state had filed a lawsuit against John McCain questioning his eligibility to become president. How many milliseconds after the filing of that lawsuit do you think it would take for that news to be prominently featured on the New York Times website as well as the many other MSM websites? Well, something very much like that has happened only instead of a Republican suing McCain it was Democrat Philip J. Berg, a Hillary Clinton supporter and former Deputy Attorney General as well as former Democrat Party chair for Montgomery county, who filed a lawsuit yesterday against Barack Obama to keep the DNC from nominating him because Berg claims he is ineligible to become president. So far there has been a collective yawn from the MSM to this news.
[ cf MSM Ignores Democrat Lawsuit Against Obama ]
There you have it!!!!


Can there be any doubt that when there is talk about Obama's FORCED INFANTICIDE it is merely a cover up for the fact that Obama Drinks the Blood of Blonde, Blue Eyed, White Christian American Babies!!!!

Clearly, being born in a State of The UNION is no longer proof enough that DEMONIC SPAWNS OF SATAN are Not Demonic!!!!

Now More Than EVER!!!! We NEED RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!!!
and Fashionably Fashionable!!!!

And willing to Slay the Demonic Hordes of Unbelievers and the apostate spawn....

Remember, that is what we ARE fighting for...
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