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Liberals Stab Troops In Back!!! Or Senate No Longer Part of Government

Well the Kapitulationist Kut and Runner Appeasers have BRUTALLY Stabbed the Troops in the back
U.S. and Iraqi negotiators are reported to have agreed on the complete withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by 2011 - if conditions are right.

The officials are quoted Friday as saying the draft agreement also calls for U.S. forces to pull back from Iraqi cities by June 2009.
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in Baghdad for a brief visit Thursday, said both sides had been close to a security deal that will determine the future status of U.S. forces in Iraq. But she said it contained what she described as an "aspirational" timetable - as opposed to any firm dates - for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.
The Bush administration says it will inform Congress when a deal is reached but will not submit the document to lawmakers for approval.

[ cf Negotiators Say US Troops to Leave Iraq by 2011 Emphasis added to make sure it was Read. ]
So it is a Firm Possible Maybe if The Prez goes with.

Granted that this is strictly an internal matter to the Unitary Executive, and therefore, it is not as if this were some form of Foreign Policy issue for which the now defunct 'advice and consent' is no longer operable.

Could this also explain why the McCain Team is trying to deal with it's White Powder Issues, since it will sound more important to be addressing what might have been as if it were a terrorist issue, than to have a SITTING US SENATOR raise unpleasant questions about the role of the Senate and the Unitary Executive???

When you want plausible deniability, go with best that money can buy:
Two offices of John McCain's U.S. presidential campaign, in Colorado and New Hampshire, were evacuated on Thursday, and several staffers were hospitalized, after a threatening letter arrived in the mail containing an unidentified white powder.

But within hours, the letter was traced by authorities to a Colorado jail inmate who has a history of sending threatening mail, and initial tests of the envelope and its contents turned up negative for hazardous materials, the U.S. Secret Service said.

[ cf Two McCain offices evacuated after letter threat ]
And yes dirty stinking hippies, I understand that McCain was HIDING OUT in the HanoiHilton while war heroes like Rush and Rove and the rest were valiantly keeping our white christian america the nation that they so love...
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