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Ok first things first, yesterday I had lunch with my favorite self proclaimed DFH - even though, well, let us be honest, there is something just MORALLY OFFENSIVE with citing a 2004 issue from the KomradeJoeLibermann campaign as a basis for arbitrating the TLA with regards to Hippies.

Call me OLD Fashion, Call me rigidly Traditionalists, but I think that it is our GOD FEARING WHITE CHRISTIAN Traditional Family Values Obligation to maintain the more traditional "DSH" - dirty stinking hippies - as Jesus would have wanted it, and as they were known by the summer of Love.

But KIDS these days, should they have any God Fearing Traditonal Family Values?

God Forbid they should remember that there was a time before them....

But let us be slightly more serious.

"It's more important to be seen defending the guys who suck up to the vets than it is to be seen defending the vets."
Hello. Dirty Stinking Hippie, WHAT you can not show any respect for your elders and for tradition....

NO, you have to start your own Meme about the Horrors of True SuckUpNation....

Like I do not get this type of disrespect from my own children? I should have to have some one outside the family give me such Grief!!!

Kids these days!!! No Respect For Tradition!!!

Why when I was growing up we Had Jim Morrison and Jerry Garcia, but tell that to kids these days...
Tags: ugly_thot, war

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