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Should McCain stop trivializing his time in the HanoiHilton?

Or would that mean that he would also need to address the open conflict between his history that it was not nice, and the current policies of the government that torture is alright

Clearly the problem may some day need to be addressed.

Would it be a good idea to decide the matter before the Republican Convention?

Before the Election?

Before the Inauguration?

Or will we only get more and more trivialization of his HanoiHilton time instead?
Once a remarkable and respected aspect of his biography, John McCain stands on the brink of "trivializing" his past as a prisoner of war, which has become a "crutch in the campaign," Newsweek's Howard Fineman declared Thursday.

"I think they are going to it way too many times. It's the original story that defined John McCain, that still when you read it in his book 'Faith of my Fathers,' when you read about it in 'The Nightingale's Song,' you can't help but have admiration and respect for the guy. And I think he wisely for many years stayed away from it as a political tool, he really did. But now it not only defines him, it's become a crutch in the campaign. And I think he is in danger of trivializing it. By the time they get to the convention in St. Paul, there might not be much of it left to use."

Fineman's remark, made during a segment of Countdown With Keith Olbermann, came after McCain was criticized for being elitist for not knowing how many houses he owned. An aide to the Arizona Republican hit back at the accusation by evoking McCain's service in Vietnam.

"This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years -- in prison," said spokesman Brian Rogers.

[ cf
Fineman: McCain Is Trivializing His POW Past
Or, should we get even ruder here, and not the painfully obvious.

Back in 2000 when McCain got SwiftBoated by the Bush Crrew - his POW status was not strong enough to defeat the Military Record of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!

The nation's first War President, the First American EVER to have a War Czar because the task of keeping track of the war stuff was too complex for even a War President...

Or would that just be too obvious.

Hey kids, what if the GOP had to actually run a Republican AS a Republican?
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