drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Your Legal System Does Post Surrealism...

Move Over Kafka... There is a new freak show in town:
A former Oak Park kindergarten teacher accused of raping two young boys is a free man today after prosecutors dropped the case against him citing numerous inconsistencies and other factors.
The special education teacher and several aides testified at that trial that the classroom was full of students and others throughout the day because some special education children ate lunch at their desks to avoid the crowded cafeteria. That trial ended in a hung jury with 11 jurors seeking acquittal and one juror, who acknowledged living around the corner from Perry’s Ferndale home, insisting that Perry was guilty.
At one point, Assistant Prosecutor Andrea Dean tried to argue that movies found in Perry’s home, like "Star Wars," the "Harry Potter" films and "Little House on the Prairie," constituted “non-erotic pornography.”

[ cf Rape charges dropped against former teacher Emphasis Mine... ]

What a freak show....

Maybe now americans will understand that the right of supeonea should not be allowed outside of the Unitary Executive Principle, where the Unitary Executive does not need no stinking paper to compel the evil doers to confess to their sins and crimes....

This would not have been problematic if ONLY the Evil Liberals would have allowed the Special Majikal Powers Act to be spread, like the join, and the criminals would be all behind bars based upon their own confessions to their crimes against GOD!!!!
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