drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got "Suck Up Nation"?

It finally bounced off the brain pan today....

What I really dislike about the current whining about 'dungeon and dragon Yada-Yada-Yada' is that it underscores the real problem of the NeoConClownCarCrew. To them it is more important to SUCK UP to Vets than it is to actually get into the game.

Now I have nothing against Generation Kill it is probably a good enough series, and most likely a good enough book... and it may actually help folks understand SOME of the problems that go into doing some types of military operations. What it will never be able to do is give the rest of the story:


The Post-Adrennaline Rush Moments.

The Repacking One's Poop In One Pleasant and Portable Group....

So while getting folks on the page with what 'war like stuff' is about is a step forward. That is NOT about sucking up to the Vets. It is about trying to inform folks.

It is Sucking Suckage when the whole point of the Pro-War Play is to PRETEND to care about Vets, Veteran's Issues, and the so called importance of Vets - JUST SO LONG AS THEY ARE SOMEONE ELSE!!!!

When the whole Kabal of Yellow Elephant Heroes want to "protect" our "Honored Military Personnel" - they might want to make sure that they are not the one Trickling Down on the vet community with their superior excuses about why they are not actually engaged in the Combat Zone.... Why their Pro-War Posturing has never risen to the level of commitment that will get them OUT of their mother's basement where they play act at being real war heroes defeating the evil forces of evil liberalism....

It may help some of them to understand a simple maxim:
it may get them on the right track about what leadership is all about...

Why GOSH, Golly, GEE WHIZ, they may also finally understand:
Ask NOT what your nation can do for you.
But what YOU can do for Your Nation.
Why who knows, they may even finally understand that it is NOT about maximizing profits, it is NOT about tax cuts, it is about BEING the Honor....

Until then, when I Hear That SUCKING SOUND....

I'm most likely going to smack it down, and put tape on three sides, and lean the body so that the fluid will drain out of the body cavety... cause I'm HOPING to JesuZ that it is merely a sucking chest wound - and not the folly of a Suck Up Nation....

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