drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

UnHoly Defeatist Propogandizers....

The French!!! The French are attacking in Afghanistan????
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy visited French troops in Kabul Wednesday to pay respects to ten French soldiers who were killed in a fierce battle just 50 kilometers outside Kabul. VOA's Barry Newhouse reports from neighboring Pakistan on the deadliest combat encounter since the start of the Afghan war in 2001.
[ cf French President Visits Kabul After 10 Troops Killed ]

You mean those Pro-Obama Dungeon And Dragons Crowd hiding out in their mother's basements have been so VICIOUSLY BRUTAL as to give away the great american combat billets to the FRENCH!!!!

Clearly we must Call Upon RoboBushCheneyParis
They Shiney!
and Fashionably Fashionable!

To STOP the evils of those who are going to disrespect our Great American War Thingus and Stuff with a bunch of French Folks....

Just THINK about how many totally savaged Holy Warriors will suffer even greater post-traumatic stress disorders knowing that the Evil Liberal Government was giving away the good billets to not only OUR Minorities, but to the Stinking Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey French....

{ makes me wonder why more Fox News Types are not rallying to this growing crisis. }
Tags: bushcheney2008, war

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