drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Some IDE's Hate the Guacamole More Than Others...

So I use the cool search thingie to see if method FragFooFarWithWingNuttery() is actually used before I opt to say that we need neither it nor the settor, sit settor, sit....

And then opt to be passive aggressive and merely comment out the getter and settor, sit UBU! SIT!!!

Then suddenly not ONLY did the Tests START BURSTING INTO FLAMES, but the Evil Furry Burning Pit Of Overly Fuzzy Wuzzy Fun Friends From The Darker Korner Of Cleveland explodes OPEN!!! Sit Settor!!! Sit!!!

{ Think of the Tellie Tubbies if they had been really invented by the dark lords as invisioned by the Vast Right Wing Religious folks who really do not like Cleveland, or Tellie Tubbies on the Kommunist Dominiated PBS Death Rays.... SIT SETTOR!!! I Said Sit OR I am Going to be Quite Cross... }

So I am trying to put the method, and it's settor, back where it REALLY belongs in the inheritance hierarchy, which at times does look more like the line to succession to the Thrown!!!

Oh Merde.... that didn't fix it either...

Don't you hate it when Build Breakage starts leaking out all over the reality sphere???
Tags: geek_stuff, work

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