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What is the difference between a life sentence and...

After the closing statements, the panel of six senior military officers began deliberations. If convicted, Mr. Hamdan faces a possible life term. Even if acquitted, he will probably remain in custody as an enemy combatant until the government determines the war on terrorism is over.
[ cf Lawyer Says Detainee Aided U.S. in Afghanistan ]
Ah yes....

Will there ever be an end to the WhateverOnWhomever??? Or is it really going to be WOW NOW forever?

Thank GOD!!! We have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They Put the forever in WOW NOW.

Hey kids, should american military personnel ever be held to the same legal standards?

Should american contract para military forces ever be held to the same legal standard???

Will there be a comedic moment in american history when the freaks who were all for gitmo have to live with the reality check that rather than provide operable intelligence, it would up providing none, and degrading the moral and legal standards in america....

Or is that too also just toooo DUH obvious.
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