drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

This Majik Moment....

Ah yes, for those folks who have opted to be the pawns of the Evil Nancy Pelosi, you are probably not supporting the Glorious And Heroic Struggle of the Theatrical Wing of the Party:
This is Day Two of the GOP revolt over energy, and the debate is taking place in a darkened House floor with no microphones, no lights and no C-SPAN cameras (on orders of the Democratic speaker). So Republican congressmen pushing for an up-or-down vote on offshore oil drilling have taken to twittering (notifying an army of folks, in 40-word bites), posting Qik and YouTube videos and corralling unsuspecting tourists to plead their case to the public.
[ cf GOP'ers protest over energy -- best show in town ]
Interesting how the majikal powers act has, well, the RINO Rave Dancers up there acting all, WhatEver....

I mean, remind me again, given the minimal amount of oil we can get out of the ground in the off shore areas, vice stay, TOTAL VICTORY IN IRAN!!!! We should be wasting time trying to bring up the last of the Great National Strategic Reserves that we will need to keep the War Machine Waring long after civilians are no longer in the market for Military Grade Power Sources....

Or were we suppose to accept this as just one more happy moment in the usual flow of the Draft Dodgers stabbing our troops in the back, because they are not willing to do their duty for TOTAL VICTORY IN IRAN!!!!

Thank GOD!!! We have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They are More Gloriously Winning Victoriously The Mission Accomplished than EVER before!!!

It is what the troops are fighting for...

Are YOU doing your part to keep the Strategic Reserves in the Hands of the DOD? or are you on the side of the terrorists???
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