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Rino, Cino, Bino, Aino

First it was RINO ( Republican In Name Only ) in the hope that this would scare those Republicans who could remember a time when the GOP was the party of Fiscal Responsibility, not to mention that whole Law and Order thing.

Now don't get me wrong here. I think that Zel Miller's Lazer Death Ray Eyes are such a wonderfully mannly thing. But of course there is that detail that he is a Democrat. Gosh, not unlike the "democrats for nixon" that was first headed by Ronald Reagan back in 1960, because, well, JFK was a Roman Catholic, and those types owe their allegiance to Rome and not To God!

So yes, there are actual RINO in the GOP, but the big laugh is that they are the ones who are blaming everyone else the RINO who have kept them from achieving all of the sucess that they were suppose to get when subverting a political party, extending the depths of the culture of corruption, and failing to fully stimulate the proto-fascist movement to that full on moment of extasy when they have become all that it can be!

So It was not at all surprising, after so many failed efforts to make the notion of dissent against the President the legal equivolent of actual Treason, and/or Treason in a Time of War, that there has been a desperate need to go with a new BuzzPhase.

This time the reality check bounced when I started asking the NeoConClowns why, after decades of whining about anti-war types that they were all so Quiet about the Rev. Phelps protesting at the Funerals Of GI's - just as they had at the death of AID's victims. At which point the True Anti-Anti-Warriors all try to play act that this is not an 'anti-war' protest, since, while yes, it does establish that the Protestors Are Opposed to the war, since God is Killing Our Troops, because the nation is still harboring homosexuals; that should not be taken as an actual 'anti-war' protest.

When further pushed on this, I get the New Buzz: CINO ( Christian In Name Only ) since, some how, well gosh, "don't you get it, they are not really christians, therefore we do not have to deal with the issue."

Yeah, right. Because the Anti-War Protestors are not the correct type of Christians, therefore the NeoConClownCarCrew is at liberty to simply disavow the protest, while still trying to play act that they believe that opposition to the president is offering aid and comfort to the enemy.... Yeah, Right.

Hum... so does this mean that CINO actually suffer from some form of 'diminished capacity' - hence they can not actually be held morally accountable for their actions. Unlike say liberals and other enemies of the state?

If they are in such a 'diminished capacity' should the state allow them to vote? drive a motor vehicle? sign contracts? You know, to protect americans from these persons of 'diminished capacity'? Or is this allegation simply a logical conclusion that the kiddies in the NeoConClownCarCrew didn't think though. Just one more of the myriad of "oopsies" that they have been suffering from all of these years.

Or as I asked the question somewhat rudely to one of my friends, if a persons is a CINO does this mean that the directorate of state security can detain them and sodomize their children until they confess to all of their crimes against the state and our american way of life? We do all agree that sodomizing the child to pressure the parent does not involve actually inflicting any actual physical pain on the target of the information extraction, hence can in no way be a form of torture, and hence would be allowable. Or would also be allowable under the president's policy that he can unilaterally make any exceptions that he wishes with regards to information extraction, since congress has authorized him to do what ever he wants.

Or are CINO to be protect from the long arm of the directorate of state security with regards to any form of information retgrieval, since they are at least some form of 'christian', if in name only.

But given as we are all collectively dashing into that dark night of the 'stabed in the back' crisis - shouldn't those who are trying to condone attacking our valiant fighting forces, and openly offering aid and comfort to our enemy - well as morally stained by the crimes of the CINO? Since they are tolerating these attacks on our american way of life - hence they too are a part of the vast evil liberal onslaught against our True America!!!

I sure hope that these folks think it through. While it is true that congress has authorized the 'but i was only following orders' defense with regards to military trials of american military personnel. As yet congress has not expanded that to include civilians, syncophants, retainers, hangers on, and any of the other victims of chickenhawk angst syndrome. So they might want to get a signed and vetted affidavid that they are not going to be prosecuted for having been a part of the UnAmericanists.

All of which leads me to the need to move this whole 'ino' thing forward with two of my pet favorites:
BINO ( Believable In Name Only )
as in "that would have been a real republican blowjob, but let us be honest, it was a BINO...."

Ok, so believability and blowjob are about the same. In the NeoCon lexicon, they have no idea what a blowjob is, other than that it was used as a financial phrase by old school tie republicans with regards to various red herrings and other financializations sequences put forward by the religious cultists of the Freemarketeering Clique.

Worse yet, NeoCons have no idea what beliveability is, nor what those vile harlots, tarts and hussies from Commie Martyr High mean. But let us be reasonable - in the new and improved new world order where 'truth' seems to be a commoditized item, for which we should clearly have both a future's market, and the ever esoteric and arcane derivatives market. Not being able to tell believability from a blowjob clearly is not considered problematic for the NeoCons.

The messy part here is that it appears that recent unconfirmed rumours that there was an effort afoot to get the president a blowjob to help him cope, may well, gosh, they seem to be BINO.

Unlike the time when Karl Rove and the Armoured Flying Saucer Corp won the great battle that drove out the vietnamese from vietnam and saved america from the threat of vietnamese fishermen taking all of the high paying jobs away from americans. Or is that BINO as well?

Anyway, the next in the new and improved hipness is
AINO ( American In Name Only )
which is a polite way of noting that there are all of these folks who are so angry with america, and the fact that it use to stand for freedom, dignity, responsibility, justice, and all of those words made famous from the dark evil days of the FDR world a long time ago.

These folks are still upset that we do not have a 'strong president' like all of the junta, dictatorships, and theorcracies. So clearly we should abandon our american way of life and install the divinely appointed leader unfettered by all of that technical stuff about laws. Or bogged down in mere facts.

So yeah. These folks probably could dig up enough legal documentation to assert that in some way they should be considered 'american'. But one has to wonder why if they so violently hate everything america stands for, why are they still here?

Who knows, after the purges start, and the proto-fascists get their excuse to make the AINO the mainstream, some folks may get a chance to try to dig up those dark and holy religious relics like the declaration of independence, the articles of confederacy, the constituion, the federalist and anti-federalist papers, and wonder if throwing all of that away for the pretentions of 'security' was ever the right answer.

That maybe the next time around they are not going to just go and follow a bunch of folks who want others to run off and die in a 'war like sequence' when they remain unable and unwilling to do for themselves that which they demand of others. Hopefully there will still be that happy light at the end of the tunnel, as the remnants of the Jedi Return...

So let us be clear. I have not officially said, 'love it or leave it', since I understand the folly of mere play acting patriotism. I will though affirm,
My Mother!!! Drunk or sober!
as the far more useful sloganeering for the mere pro-patria brigade.

So maybe in the interrum we can work out the actual technical details that the NeoConClownCarCrew remain unsure how to cope with. Maybe even work on what sorts of ethical standards should be in place to win the Kultur Kampf. Rather than merely putting out this simplistic,
"do not hold me accountable for what I do or say, because it is not my fault that I hold positions that oppose what I am saying."
who knows, folks might actually work out where they really want to stand, and gosh stand there.


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