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Loopy Loser Liberals Who Hate Freedom, and the NonPersons Who Have Emotional Issues With Them...

Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas and Fatah have both carried out serious human rights abuses over the past year, including arbitrary arrests and torture, according to a report on the bitter power struggle.

Human Rights Watch, in the report released on Wednesday, cited a pattern of politically motivated arrests, mock executions and severe beatings in detention centers run by Hamas Islamists in the Gaza Strip and President Mahmoud Abbas's secular Fatah faction in the West Bank.

It faulted the United States and other donors, which have bankrolled Abbas's Palestinian Authority and Fatah-dominated security forces, for "not paying adequate attention to the systematic abuses by those forces".

[ cf Hamas, Fatah both commit human rights abuses: report
(emphasis added to help the irony overload victims) ]
No Seriously, remind me again why this is not itself more of the same old evil liberal stabbing our troops in the back???

No, Seriously. What is wrong with accidentally forgetting to have any law with regard to the detention and extraction of information units in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn Holy Baby Unborn UBU UBU!!!

Yes, I know, once upon a time, a long time ago, back in the time before 911 americans may have thot that Information Containers were almost like human persons, but really, the whole world has changed, and in a time of transferring tax liabilities, well, anything GOES if it can help the Tax Cuts, direct or indirect, including, but not limited to things like the emergency support for preventing short sellers from causing issues with the source of things like covered debt exchanges, you know, so that folks can refi their formerly Jumbo Loans, and now the flippers can flip what were formerly Jumbo Loan cribs as if they were mere peasant lands, and the peasants know that this is the only way to stop the TERRORISTS!!!

You know stopping the Gay Marriage Only Initiative that is Oppressing Innocent People who are being repressed by the Tyranny of Liberalism and it's Factualism!!!

My GOD what is wrong with the evil liberal media that they are unwilling to support the President To Support The Troops as we Holy Crusade against all monsters everywhere, so that we can have better more permenant tax cuts that will save us from Gay marriages and those who do not love the Unborn Holy Baby UBU!!!

Thank GOD! We Have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They bring us the factualisms that we need untainted by the facts.

And that IS what our troops are fighting for....

{ I mean who are these stoners, and why ever do they think americans think that torture and illegal detention is even a pubic issue any more... }
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