drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

So Post Economic Realism...

One has to respect the love of the RINO Rave Dancers:
We are excited to announce a revolutionary, yet simple, tool that allows you to stay connected to the GOP and raise valuable contributions, without spending a dime! We are facing one of the most important elections in history, and it shall be our unity that brings us to victory. You can make a difference by downloading and using the new RNC Toolbar. The RNC Toolbar will help you raise money through normal online activities such as searching and shopping! Just a click away, you also will have access to breaking news, updates, and messages from the RNC! Show your support by joining millions of other Party members raising valuable contributions for our Party hassle-free! Track your personal contributions in real time and learn that together we can make a difference!
[ cf email from ecampaign@gop.com
Beat Obama at NO COST to YOU ]
Would this be a bad time to talk about the under happy times as the dot.bomb era became post surreal...

or should we be more pleased that in the post economic era there is a solid economic theory for the post legal jurisprudence!!!

Thank GOD!!! we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not bothered by reality either, but they are the divine will....

So why don't the RINO Rave Dancers want to support the Great Leader???
Tags: economics

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