drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Terrorism By Evil Liberal Media Puppet Toadies...

Oh Me!!! Oh My!!! What ever will we do as the radical left wing extremist hippie dippie dope smoking anti-war kapitulationist kut and runners, of the SOLID SOUTH, stab our valiant fighting forces in the back:
A group of seven Mississippi talk radio stations owned by Telesouth Communications has dropped Michael Savage’s nationally syndicated radio program over comments the host made last week suggesting that nearly every child with autism was “a brat” of inattentive parents. “Michael Savage’s comments about autistic children were beyond inexcusable and are unacceptable,” the station group said in a statement posted Tuesday on its Web site, supertalkms.com. The cancellation follows the decision on Monday by Aflac, the insurance company, to pull its advertising from the show. On his Web site, Michaelsavage.com, the host posted a letter on Monday in which he iterated the central point he said he had been trying to make on his July 16 program: that autism is too often misdiagnosed in the cases of children, or falsely diagnosed, at least partly as a means of wringing resources. “Let the truly autistic be treated,” he wrote. “Let the falsely diagnosed be free.” On July 16, Mr. Savage, above, referred to autism as “a fraud, a racket,” and asserted that what “99 percent” of children with autism most needed was a parent willing to tell them things like, “Don’t act like a moron.” Mark Masters, chief executive of Talk Radio Network, which syndicates Mr. Savage’s program to more than 350 stations, did not return messages left at his office seeking comment.
[ cf Savage Loses Advertisers ]
How dare they Stab Our Holy Warriors In The Back!!!

And in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn unborn baby UBU!!!

Clearly if the evil Liberal media Radical Left WINGERS can attack our valiant fighting forces like Komrade Party Leader Savage, then where are they NOT stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back!!!

Thank GOD!!! we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not puppet toadies of the failed wrong implementation of freemarkettering which is clearly a godless form of the wrong capitalism of the evil leftists who fail to back the Holy Implementation of Faith Based Economics as is mandated in a biblical interpretation of the true bible!!!

Remember, this IS what our Holy Warriors are fighting the forces of darkness and evil to restore the divine tax write off for additional wives and concubines, as well as all of the true Tax Cuts of the true bible!!!
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