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Anime Series.... Samurai 7

Samurai 7 ( at the wiki ) . One of my God Hating America Bashers mentioned it, and I opted to pick it up, even though I was looking for the fifth season of Inuyasha.

Now I find out that season five is due out in english on July 29th.... Makes me worry that there is still a core fear that the american dollar will go on collapsing...

Anywyay - yes, steam punk is an interesting re-interpretation of Seven Samurai. So far only the first 8 episodes down but it seems to have a great feel.

It was comical that we went to Fry's to try and pick up a copy of Kurasawa's film so that I could show it to madmerle first, but we opted to pick up The Battle of Algiers from the criterion folks...

Hey kids, did you know that you can order DVD's on line???

Anyway, it will be a lot of fun, since first with the ANIME, then the american westerns, all four of them, and finally back to do Kurasawa's Seven Samurai which will be a lot of fun for a basic weekend of Real Sevens....
Tags: anime, dvd, geek_stuff

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