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People Who Clearly Need Rehab...

... when your drug issues get this bad
The controversial interrogation technique of waterboarding has served a "valuable" purpose and does not constitute torture, former Attorney General John Ashcroft told a House committee Thursday.

Testifying on the Bush administration's interrogation rules before the House Judiciary Committee, Ashcroft defended the technique while answering a question from Rep. Howard Coble, R-North Carolina.

"Waterboarding, as we all know, is a controversial issue. Do you think it served a beneficial purpose?" the congressman asked.

[ cf Ashcroft Tells House Judiciary Committee Waterboarding Isn't Torture ]
I Sure can not wait for ashcroft to get out there on the stump to explain to all of the RINO Rave Dancers that he likes John McCain, but officially Ashcroft does not believe that McCain was in any way non-plussed by any of the positive social interactions at the hanoi hilton, why else would folks have called it anything but the Hanoi Hilton.

Yeah.... then i want to watch ashcroft point out that the folks who opted for the HANOI HILTON ARE DRAFT DODGERS....

I mean, dude, when one gets as stoned as Ashcroft gets, you might as well at least try to pretend that one is doing some sort of rational and coherent thing, and follow the whole golf swing through....

Oh that's right, the president gave up on golf to support the trooops....

Well, at least Ashcroft is following through on the lack of a true golf metaphour... could it be a part of a bigger effort to act like he is acting like he is near to pretending like he has at sometime supported the troops....
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