drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And we are on which side of this again?

Juan Cole was not joking when he said he was not joking:

Which positions are who be taking:
Defense chief cautions against too many troops in Iraq

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the U-S has to "avoid filling every vacuum" in Iraq with U-S troops.

Rumsfeld told an audience at the Truman Presidential Library in Missouri that America needs enough military force in Iraq to support the forging of an inclusive government. But he says the number shouldn't be so big that it feeds the insurgency and makes Iraqis think the U-S cares only about oil.

The Pentagon has said in the past it would like to trim troop strength from about 130-thousand now to less than a 100-thousand by year's end.

Rumsfeld also likened America's impatience and political division over the war on terror to disagreements over the Cold War, when he says a nation weary from World War Two resisted global involvements.

[ cited ]
Now is this one of those known unknowable moments?

And why impose an 'inclusive' government on the Iraqi's, while abandoning that notion CONUS?

Or is this the we never really wanted to liberate iraq, but the UN/SadddamWhomEver/IraqiFlyingSaucers forced them to do it.

Or is this the wind up before we learn all about Karl Rove's Secret Military History....

Or What????


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