drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Evil Red Hollywood Elitests!!!

When did I first realize that Generation-X nostalgia was a driving the entertainment industry off a cliff? First all the toys I'd broken were suddenly on the big screen, thrashing each other and cursing loudly. Then the cartoons I learned to masturbate while watching were being acted out — with gravitas — by real actors. Now it turns out Sir John Gielgud is being dug up, resurrected and having frog DNA injected, so he can play Baron Silas Greenback in the new Danger Mouse movie. When will it stop?
* Actually I lost my card. I'm a slacker, what do you want? If you actually still have your Gen-X card, you're not really Gen-X. If you've got your Gen-X card and you laminated it or covered it with mylar of some sort, you're probably actually part of the Net or Millennial generations. (Actually, according to this incredibly confusing and enlightening chart by Josh Glenn, I'm really part of the Generation That Ate Its Own Entrails, or GAIE for short.)

[ cf Entertainment Industry: Please Stop Pandering To My Generation! ]

Those People are just Wrong!!!!

Stop Them.
Tags: geek_stuff

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