drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberals Are Just Evil...

If you think the Republican Party is doing just fine, then this letter is definitely NOT for you. And I recommend you put this aside because I'm about to tell it like it is.

Republicans need to start standing up for our Party's principles and beliefs and quit allowing the Democrats to define who we are.

I have had enough of the Democrats lying and distorting our solutions to the problems our nation faces. Republicans should be the ones telling voters our positive views and helpful ideas.

[ ( email from friends@gopusamedia.com ) ]
well there you are....

The party is getting down, and funky!!!

No More of those mamby-pamby soft on international monolithic atheistic asiating Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Communism!!!

Nope, no more of the simple sally sashay of the last how many years of failed left wing liberalism!!!

Nope, now we gonna get serious!!!

Thank GOD!!! We have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They bring the power of the Unitary Executive Principle to the problem of congressionalists who feel that allowing anyone but the divine mandate, are but the godless heathenists of Hate God AND America!!!

Remember RealManlyMaleMasculineMachoMalePerkin and the irrelevant, this IS what our troops are fighting for!!!

{ well finally someone who knows how to get down, and serious about how the last 8 years of failed liberals in congress is no longer a gooder thing... Why do I keep feeling like these folks are trying to 'get down verbally, with the young people'... you know... like in Real Genius.... Ok, so maybe real sooner now, they gonna get down and get funky...}
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