drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

HellBoy II - Chick Flick II

Ok freaks, it is clearly starting to be a bit too painfully obvious. Version 1.X is about how White Girls Find It Hard To Meet a Nice Boy. And the 2.X versions are about how girls are not wanting to face the horrors of having to house break another one, but do they really want to get stuck with this one?

It's the same old story, and they just keep repeating it, over, and over, and over!!!

But the fact that this is Guillermo del Toro Flick, the same guy who gave you El Laberinto del fauno should warn you that he IS going to take you into a richer and more vibrant neighborhood - like the Troll's Market in NYC - and yes, if you have not been into the Troll's Market, you really should ask around the next time you are in town. Nice place, nice people, open to the unpleasantry that too many of the Monkey People are all stuck on their little plot of evolutionary backwaters.

So this is NOT a 'date flick' - this is the film you go to as a part of your Relationship Building Exercises. BE prepared to be meaningfully involved, and actively engaged in a sharing, caring and sensitive discussion about open spaces and meaningful places - or the white woman is SOOOo GOing to go THERMIC on you.... Trust me, they are like that you know...

And for the rest of you in your post meaningful relationship phase - it is a great film!!! get there early, get great seats, the big bag of Popcorn, and be immersed in the experience...

Let us just say I soooo want to know what is the Next Guillermo del Toro Flick.

Ok, so I am also interesting in what Hellboy N will be like....
Tags: film

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