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ugly_thot: Books I am not buying...

Ok, so I saw it in the book store, and laughed a bit at it when I saw the blog, but there is a lovely write up on the whole affair at The White Stuff.

A part of the scary thot
When you're part of the dominant culture, you don't have to be self-aware about the assumptions in your own product. You don't have to examine how you overlap with, and set yourself apart from, other cultures.
( op cit )
Where this gets me cranky is all of that unexamined, but of course stuff...

As if the Majik of the enlightenment were a part of the correct manifest destiney... ( yes, the right reasonable republican form not the evil liberal destiny, as in Bad Manifest Destiny... )

Should americans really assume, anymore today, than they did one hundred years ago, or two hundred years ago, that majikally they were on the winning side, because of course science and reasoning are winning the day.

What if there are some seriously UGLY parts that go into the "majik thinking" of the average secularist, and their mystico-religious believe in the inevitability of science winning - what ever it is that is suppose to be won...

Yes, I can empathise that it might be scarier to notice that Mary Shelley is writing Frankenstein at the height of the post Napoleonic romantic age, as the secularist fops have the chance to ponder what has their science really brought them.

Was he really a precursor of trotskyite deviationalism?

Now don't get me wrong here. I don't mean to RUSH THINGS!! we still have a full on nine years till the second hundred anniversary...

But that way would suggest that maybe lolly gagging about being ever so pleased that one lives in the Happy Land of which ever Jane Austen Moment where all of the nice white people will always be safe because someone will keep the sepoys and the rest of the darkies in line...

You know, tommy this, and tommy that, and all of that happiness.

So yes, Laughed at the blog - worry that I have a culture that will pay $300,000 to turn it into a book, but we are still having such grotesque reading problems with things like the law, and when is it really science, and when is it merely majikal thinking, but with NUMBERS.
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