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Why We MUST defeat the Islamo-Fascist-Communist-TokenToBeAwardedHereInFutureDraft NOW!

Fast-growing retailer Steve & Barry's LLC, as expected, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as the company blamed a liquidity squeeze for its failing fortunes.

The chain's 276 stores remain open, with gift card, store credits and return policies continuing as is. But 172 corporate and field jobs are being cut, just 1% of the work force. The bankruptcy, if stores are ultimately closed, stands to hurt everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to the nation's struggling mall owners.

[ cf Steve and Barry's Files For Chapter 11
( emphasis added to help the blind smell an economic fart ) ]

That sorta says all we need to know!!!

We must defeat, and go on defeating THEM until they understand that Freedom isn't Free!!!

Thank GOD! We Have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They not worrying about a liquidity trap or any reality based consequences to their action, as long as we can keep them as the WhicheverCoolTitle in the whole ThingusOfPooh!!!

Which IS what our troops are dying on the Eastern Front to protect!!!

Are YOU doing your part for the ThingusOfPooh???

oh yeah, if you did not know:
Steve & Barry’s® is about change. It's about changing the way that consumers shop for their clothes and changing the way that retailers cater to them. Steve & Barry’s is about stripping away the gloss and giving consumers something real. The fact is that great clothing doesn't really have to cost that much. It's a simple idea, but also a big idea—big enough, that is, to turn the industry on its ear. By delivering on our promise to provide premium apparel at impossibly low prices, Steve & Barry’s is single-handedly changing the retail landscape. We're busting the model. Steve & Barry’s significantly impacts whole communities, rejiggers shopping patterns, alters local economies, and sometimes even changes lives for the better.
[ cf About Steve And Barry's ]
Holy Jesus we have to bomb those people until they support Freedom and Embrace The Guacamole!!!

Dude, we have to keep on Bonging Canada Until They Are DEFEATED!!!
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