drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why I am a Monogamist

Since I have raised the problem of monogamy, it would probably be a good time to step up and present a solid reason for being a Monogamist.

Basically it's all a matter of simple pragmatics.

As many oldBies know, my general position is that NonMalePerKin are DANGEROUS! They have Fangs and Claws and Attack, and in general are things that I associate with things that Explode. I should like to make it clear that I blame my parents for my latent heterosexual tendencies, it's not MY FAULT! My Mother made me this way! My Father's whole "father son chat" was:

If you rip her knickers, then replace them.

not like that was the only KOAN he gave me in my formative years.

So if one is going to sleep with one of those Dangerous, Fanged NonMalePerKin, then it is best to sleep with only one of them, that way you can at least close one of your eyes, while the other one keeps an eye out for danger, just like in any other combat situation.

Sleeping with more than one of them concurrently CAN lead to them grouping up on you.

They are DANGEROUS! AVOID THEM! They cause Dualisms!

Hence I am a Monogamist, and prefer to sleep alone where it is safe.

We shall defer to another time whether the logical follow through is to get the Government out of licensing cohabitation arrangements as a means of fostering dualism and the multiculturalist movement where NonMalePerKin and their culture should be recognized as being in anyway the same as the One True And ONLY culture of the RealHeManManlyMaleMachoAllAmericanBoyKulture!

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