drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

RINO Rave Dancers Gone Totally Wacky!!!

A number of friends of mine have commented on an odd phenomenon that they have observed-- conservative Republicans they know who are saying that they are going to vote for Barack Obama. It seemed at first to be an isolated fluke, perhaps signifying only that my friends know some strange conservatives. But apparently columnist Robert Novak has encountered the same phenomenon and has coined the term "Obamacons" to describe the conservatives for Senator Obama.

Now the San Francisco Chronicle has run a feature article, titled "Some Influential Conservatives Spurn GOP and Endorse Obama." In it they quote various conservatives on why they are ready to take a chance on Barack Obama, rather than on John McCain.

[ cf Conservatives For Obama?
By Thomas Sowell ]
Well Think About IT!!!

A rich white elitest or some old guy who would not support the president to support the troops.


Why yes boys and girls, if you are not going to do your Patriotic Duty of Following The Divine Mandate, then of course you want to back the Rich White Elitest!!!

Thank GOD!!! We have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They keeping the Keeping On Keeping On Kept Well!!!

It IS what our fighting forces are fighting for...
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