drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Film Horror: "Wall-E" - the Revenge Of Chick Flick Horror

Ok, let us try to be at least somewhat optomistic about some of the truly scary stuff, and that means that once again the RadFem Horror Brigade from DisneyLand have come out shreeking like the Bansheses of She-Devil Demonic Horror of the Democratic Party!!!

No wonder DisneyLand is still anathema to the true believers who can see through the tinsel town glitter to the nightmarish hell of Gay Marriage Only Agenda Mongering!!!

So yes, it is about how hard it is to get a date if you are a new girl on the planet and tend to start by laser blasting anything that moves in your area!!! But to pick on some local yokal??? I mean where is the whole traditiional family values thing? Deranged Crazed Women BLOWING things up for no apparent reason simply because they have some sort of Insane Green Agenda!!!

Ok, so having the Whining Liberals explaining to me that there is some sort of carbon credit offset that one gets from having a whole bunch of product placements in one's movie that means that one does not have to have a 'join our valiant fighting forces on the eastern front' advert to gain available bullet biters for jesus because of the horrible turn out amongst the unbelievers.

I mean, as if!!! Where do these whiney liberals come up with these totally crazy rules that allow them to exempt the TRULY CRAZY folks simply because they get really good at embedding the Correct Information in their film!!! And to top that all off, the whiners were upset when I advertised that clearly we would want to go to visit CostCo after the movie, because it was Big And Large!!!

Bottom line - this is not a Child Safe Film. It has references to tooo many highly dangerous films, Including, but not limited to, Idiocracy, 2001, a veritable plethora of horror movies, and the run of the mill hippie dippie back to the land films.

Adult should be very careful about whom they see it with.
Tags: film

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