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Go Team America!

The panel, which included one Muslim speaker, was sponsored by the College Republicans and the United American Committee, a group that says it promotes awareness of internal threats facing America.
The discussion got off to a contentious start with the Council on American-Islamic Relations _ an invited guest _ boycotting the event and calling the United American Committee a "fringe group."

Tensions quickly escalated when the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of the conservative Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, said that Islam was an "evil religion" and that all Muslims hate America.
Later, panelists were cheered when they referred to Muslims as fascists and accused mainstream Muslim-American civil rights groups of being "cheerleaders for terror."
"I put out a call to Muslims in America: Put out a fatwa on (Osama) bin Laden, put out a fatwa on (Abu Musab) al-Zarqawi," said panelist Lee Kaplan, a UAC spokesman. "Support America in the war on terror."

[ cf Pretending Towards a Dialog ]
I mean you gotta respect the roverians for having the courage of their convictions. Which of course is why they are hiding in the rear with the beer.

Why is it that The Roverians are not asking the Christians to denounce the Protesting At The Funeral of GI's? Hum? could it be that roverians got the message on veteran's day 2005, when the President sent his clear and unequivocal message to the Veteran's Community By Sending DICK...

Ah yes. The Moral Clarity of the Roverians.

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