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Can America RISK returning to the horror days of a fact based society?

I mean, really, Fact Based Stuff is soooo last millenium back when the whiney liberals thot they were useful!!!
Here are 3 Stunning facts that could not only change the outcome of this election, but with regard to the first two points, they could change the results of every election for years to come *if* we make enough people aware of them.
1)-Over 70% of our National Debt was created by just 3 Republican presidents.
2)-According to new research from Larry Bartels out of Princeton, real middle class wage growth is double when a Democrat is president compared to when a Republican is president.
3)-90% of Americans would pay less taxes under Obama's proposed tax plan compared to McCain's.

[ cf 3 Facts That Could Change This Election (If We Share Them With Enough People) ]
Now let's put our thinking caps on here and deal with these issues.

First off National Debt has always been good, Ronald Reagan Proved that, so of course it is gooder!

Secondly no one wants to be relegated to the mere Middle Class when they can be wearing the Crowns of Total Victory sitting on their bible Believing Throwns Of Spiritual Warfare Total Victory when they have accepted Dubya as their personal Lord And Savior!!! So why force americans to settle for anything less than the Glorious Rapture of the True Believers!!!

Last but not least, of course Obama wants to give tax breaks to the 90% of americans who hate freedom and do not want to support the president to support the Troops!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not trying to buy unbelievers with tax cuts, because they know the truth about biblical inerrancy and how god is going to strike down the unbelievers and infidels!!!
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