drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why do Draft Dodgers Hate America???

Have any of these dope smoking stinking hippies like Lawrence Kudlow thot for a moment about their Psycho Fantasy:
President Bush was on message Wednesday in a Rose Garden news conference, when he kept up the pressure on his a drill, drill, drill offensive. He said he knows Americans are worried about gasoline prices and wants them "to understand fully that we have got the opportunity to find more crude oil here at home in environmentally friendly ways."

He specifically mentioned opening up ANWR, the outer continental shelf and oil-shale exploration. He also took a whack at lawmakers, saying, "The Democratically controlled Congress has refused to budge."

[ cf An America-First Energy Plan ]
So why use up american domestic oil, including ANWR first?

And why waste it on mere civilians?

Why not keep it as a strategic reserve to support the Troops....

These draft dodgers do remember all about supporting the troops...

Or is this just more of the same old failed liberal agenda of whine about stuff, then ship in under prepared, poorly trained, and poorly motivated troops to try and secure the resources so that the dope smoking hippies back home can be all pro-war and pro-troops...

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