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who could forget Goldwater-Nichols Act

Goldwater-Nichols Act The Wiki Entry.

Just in case as a draft dodging social parasite you missed out on that marvel. Or were one of the fantasticalized Pro-War Wheenies who always felt that it was a bad thing that needed to be 'weakened' any way so that it would be easier to have super special republican guard elements...

Ok, so yes, I am more than sure that there were extra special reasons to have the extra special added sauce added so that not only could the Special Warfare Community be, well, more special, and more of the correct implementation of the Praetorian Guard to defend the people who really need defending, and to adjust the emperor's friends, including His Self, when the time mandates it.

Yes, it might be gooder for some of our friends to do the back ground leg work to understand the delta between OKH and OKW and, well, gosh, it was always great to know that ultimately the Chief of the Joint Chiefs was not really a command and control billet, but strictly an advisory gig... sort of the Prez's personal friend in lieu of a war czar or cooler friend.

I guess that is better than hanging a pork chop around the prez's neck to get the dog to play with him.

So yeah, thanks Rummy for weakening an amusing idea gone sillier.

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They don't need not stinking chain of command - because when the Prez is the War President, it is all war, all nets, all the Time!!!!

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