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But would campaign finance reform be a good idea?

What if you lived in a country where they allowed open theft of campaign money?

Or allowed Wacko's to claim that they were raising money for the party, when they are merely pocketing it, or as we like to say in the New Way, Greening The Cash to be More Ecologically Friendly!!!!
Over the last couple days we've been telling you about this DC outfit called BMW Direct. They are a direct mail shop. And from what we can tell they have a two-tiered business model.

First, they've got a few bonafide Republican elected officials who they raise money for by the normal rules of direct mail fundraising business. But then they've got a bunch of potemkin candidates for whom they raise insane gobs of money, almost all of which they keep for themselves.
To give you some perspective, high-profile netroots-backed Darcy Burner raised only $1.37 million over the same period -- and that's a very impressive total.

So where's all the money going? Well, of that $1.7 million, $1.5 million went to BMW Direct and various affiliated companies. So we've been wanting to find out how happy Honeycutt was with BMW Direct raising insane amounts of money for her around the contrary which she gets virtually none of.

Well, it turns out they're pretty psyched.

[ cf Campaign Fleecee: We're Loving It!!! ]
Wow... that is narly buckage...

But when you notice that the campaign only used almost 1% of that, at just under $17,000 - that is some free marketerring invisible foot of the market place of freeer free greener green ideas!!!

That IS why we Thank GOD! for RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They putting the Greening back into the Real ecology of economics!!!

Ah yes, what our valiant fighting forces are fighting for... Giving money to folks who will need only a 99% overhead...

Just as Jesus would demand...
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