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And you are capping how many rounds a week to keep your hand in?

Hey kids, did you know that most of the settlers in the wild west had rifles and shotguns, and that pistols were the sort of thing for pistoleroes and the sort of folks who need a concealable weapon for those up close and personal kills that mix well with poker games gone bad, and a lack of social ettiquette while gettin drunk in a whore house.

So while I feel all warm and fuzzy about
Sharon Boesen, who lives on the east end of Capitol Hill in Washington, a half-mile from the Supreme Court, said yesterday's ruling striking down the city's handgun ban may give her a fighting chance if another burglar targets her home.

``My family will feel much safer'' with a gun, said Boesen, 37, a mother of four whose residence has been broken into twice. ``If someone comes into the house -- God forbid -- and my husband and I have access to a gun, it evens the odds.''

City officials denounced the court's 5-4 ruling rejecting the 32-year-old handgun law, and more than 7 in 10 residents support the ban, according to a Washington Post survey. Still, in neighborhoods like Boesen's that have been plagued by crime, some homeowners say owning a weapon will provide a feeling of security they have long been denied.

[ cf Hand-Gun Approval Applauded By Some in Washington (Update1) ]
I still have to wonder if Frau Boesen will be taking her hand gun down to the range on a regular enough business to be effective with it in those split second decisions that separate capping a bad guy and waking someone you love.

What if that noise was, well, not an Islamo-Fascist Communist STOOGE, but one of the kids...

Ah yes, but let us be honest here kids, a 32 year old hand gun law.... thank god it got gunned down in the prime of it's life!!! With the rise of Oil to over 142, and climbing, more americans need to be stock piling the means to protect their white christian way of life, since clearly those Halcyon days of 1976 are like, well, gosh, so last mellinium!!!

But Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!

They have never seen a law struck down in the prime of it's life...
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