drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The new gun question from the supremes.

Not really a useful response. Since it basically avoids all of the core question.

It makes the possession of weapons a personal right - irony there, yes, since a woman's right to her body seems not to be a personal right... and probably needs to have some sort of Militia Clause loaded for protection.

But then again, clearly these are not the same times as they were back in the nineties, when the hard corp patriotic types did not have an actual ground combat option to show their commitment to their desire to keep and bear military grade weapons just like jesus demands in the bible.

Well, ok, so yes, there are many still aware of the rhetorical posture there. But a lot of them are hoping that no one is going to call them onto the carpet to either get on the firing line or start hauling ammo.

And I guess that is why the current ruling of the supreme's is so comical.

We may get a chance to find out IF we will be able to move forward to actually all get to walk around with our own personal AK Family of Fully Automatic Weapons, as, well, the whole thing goes into the "Bio Recyling Bin" because of what ever evil liberal thing happens. But in that context, well, gosh, I don't think folks are going to be as excited about the fact that everyone gets to live in the combat zone.

So yeah.

The Supreme's Burped.

What Ever.
Tags: war

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