drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

We have Good News And Information

The gooder news is that the Ab Lounger Thingie is sorta a gooder Idea. I made the mistake of reading the instructions last night. One of which was clearly written with my more youthful sentiments in mind.

It says in the instructions that one should do no more than 8 reps of each of the 'beginners' class of thingies. That one should build up to doing a full round. That one should be preparing for the long haul. That this is not going to happen over night. That they had a recommendation for a way to log one's athletic progress. Oh Yeah, Like I need one more logging system in my life.

But we made it to the first round of doing mostly like the required number of reps.

I took a peak at their 'how to eat gooder' as the obligatory 'diet and exercise' approach. Yeah. Understand that "over the lips, forever on the hips".

So I am working on it, the problem seems to be that it will clearly take some time to get past all of the years of trying to get myself killed. Once For God, Then For Country, and now, now I just do it for the CASH!!! So who knows...


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