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A Seriously Ugly Thot in the Making.

So, yes— it appears we may have tactical considerations beyond the mere ethical concerns about Obama caving on the telecom immunity provision in the forthcoming foreign intelligence surveillance law. It seems nearly certain now that we will soon have a President, who voted while he was a Senator to give the White House power to order private enterprises to violate the law with immunity from prosecution, and the only open question before us at this point is whether we want to have a media and political environment that allows him to be impeached for doing it.
[ cf s9: Modern Problems. ]
I do not know which part is more tragic, that we have come to this, or that we can no longer list this as merely the mindless rantings of the ridiculously right wing.

It appears that folks like Atrios have started to think and put together a story about why the NeoConClownCarCrew is not afraid of the Majikal Powers of the War President falling into the hands of the Merely Pedestian President - since the basic plan is to call for their impeachment IF there is anyone in the white house when it comes time to call for an impeachment.

Which is probably as accurate an assessment as the previous version of why the NeoConClownCarCrew had no way to conceptualize the 'threat' of the Majikal Powers falling into the Hands of Hitlary. Back then there was the belief that the so called Republican Majority ( bolshivik - in it's native concept form ) would NEVER be over come by the Menshiviks ( unwashed plebian masses who are Not the Cool Kids ). So since the RINO Rave Dancers are implementing HanoiAnnie Coulter's religious faith that 'liberals are going to run away from dubya', because, well Liberals are just not up to being able to kiss Dubys'a Butt, or some such... Well, uh, there is that growing threat that maybe the Bolshivik are about to leave town - save for the four 'stay behind forces' on the supreme court....

And when that happens, the only hope is that the Hard Corp Of True Believers ( still klapping their hands for Tinker Belle ) will rise up in congress and Impeach The Great Satan - That Monster!!! The Evil One!!! Who has taken the White House away from The Great One!!!

Yeah, it could happen.

So the big majik trick here is how to find a safe path between the HardRightDraftDodgers who are fearful that any change in the DOD and Special Majikal Units will mean that the Al-Qaeda Flying Saucers and Everything will go wrong. While there are also those folks who are seriously bored beyond belief with the play acting in the formerly 'Intelligence Services' - and that it is time for a sobering down sizing of the Majikal Special Powers Units, and the Majikal Special Kingdomes, that live just beyond the rule of law...

So would whom ever comes into power on January 21st, 2009 have the actual courage of their convictions to set up reconcilliation tribunals? Write Executive Orders mandating that American Law is Legal In America. End the use of Pirates, Privateers, Merc, SubContractorsOfDeath, and all of the other farcical gamboling about play acting that Kabuki Theatre is Security!!! In the National Interest!

Who knows, maybe help americans sort out the difference between "In The National Interest" and say, oh, "Kajun Boneless Skinless Free Range Chicken!" - since being able to show that there is a limited space that is 'in the national interest' that can be contrasted with at least one other construct!!! I would be happy if we could just start with the simple "A is Not B" sorts of propositions.

So Yes, if anyone is expecting that on January 21st, 2009 anything Majikal is going to happen, maybe it is time to step away from that BONG and start thinking again.

Who Knows, maybe the majikal thinking IS the core of the problem.

But either way, Thank God we have RoboBuschCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

And it is not like we are going to have to worry about anything after their presidency, since clearly that would be the end of history, and the true believers will have been raputured up long time before that...
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