drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Persecuting Christians

As many netOldbies will recall I have been campaigning off and on for the last mumble-mumble-mumble years for the restoration of our God Given Rights to own Concubines. So it of course came as no surprise to me, when the folks over at
Stones Whine Out decided to fumble the ball on the Polygamy Problem.

It's not really that novel a problem really.

When a conflict arises between actual biblical literalism and domestic political expediency, guess which will win out?

As some will also recall, I have been re-iterating for those who hate american history that Plessy v. Fergesun which was overturned by brown v. board of education has it's roots in the True Biblically Literal Christianity, and the True Gospel Principles, that even the Southern Baptists have decided to duck away from for reasons of political expediency.

So why should it be all that novel that there are those who would persecute christians by supporting what ever is the current domestic political expediency, rather than going to the text to actually become aware of what it says, not what the political leadership says that it says. Why GOSH, who knows what would happen if americans had the courage of their convictions to step out in faith and actually risk becoming aware of what the bible actually says, and trying to create a life style out of that.

Why golly, the persecuting christians might stop persecuting themselves.

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