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But ARE WE winning the right war!?!

Well here it comes around on the old musicOla:
Ever since the Army lost its warplanes to a newly independent Air Force after World War II, soldiers have depended on the sister service for help from the sky, from bombing and strafing to transport and surveillance.

But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have frayed the relationship, with Army officers making increasingly vocal complaints that the Air Force is not pulling its weight.
But now in Iraq, the Army has quietly decided to try going it alone for the important surveillance mission, organizing an all-Army surveillance unit that represents a new move by the service toward self-sufficiency, and away from joint operations.

Senior aides to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates say that he has shown keen interest in the Army initiative — much to the frustration of embattled Air Force leaders — as a potential way to improve battlefield surveillance.

[ cf At Odds With Air Force, Army Adds Its Own Aviation Unit ]
Now don't get me wrong here folks.

A bit of interservice rivalry is expected amongst the lesser services as they collectively deal with their infearEyority Complex.

But in light of the ongoing WHINING by the Evil Civilian Draft Dodger Dope Smoking Stinking Hippie Cliques that the most important Mission in a time of being almost as if this were a war, is NOT getting Fuel To The Fleet, but being able to make sure that all of the Stinking Hippies have Gas from ANWAR so that they can go smoke dope in their Vans just like Rush Limbaugh and Friends did during the vietnam era.

Gosh, why is it that the troops do not get body armour, do not get survaillance support, and are now having to improvise by returning to using slow speed low altitude actual FACs rather than all of that Satellite...


Call it Islamo-Fascist Communism, if you want to be one of the Cool Kids, but it is ALL About how the Red Hordes are Konniving Monsters Still Seeking to Destroy Our White Christian America!!!

When the Americans went into space, they wanted "space pens" that would write at any angle, so that the Dope Smoking Draft Dodging Stinking Hippie Civilian Community could get all Groovey about being able to write while totally Wasted!!!

The Ruskies on the Other Hand, as GODLESS Atheists, sent their astronaughts into space with PENCILS!

Now, our troops, working very close to the Borders of the EVIL EMPIRE are getting all Ruskie Red Commie, and opting to improvise, adapt and overcome....

Clearly AMERICANS NEED TO WORRY!!! If the defeatists bring our troops home from overseas they are going to bring more of that Godless Atheism back with them!!!

So now more than ever, americans MUST Back RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Protect US from the Red Hordes of welfare queens in the armed forces and Kill bambi's mommie so that the stinking hippies can get Gas...
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